A battle has been raging for some time now over millions of aliens who have entered this country illegally. Significantly, most are from south of the Mexican border. Regardless of where they come from, they are criminals who scoff at the laws of the United States. Probably most feel no loyalty to this country. They represent a clear threat to our national security, still, the enemies of America in the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the White House call for amnesty and a path to citizenship for this outlaw class that has recently had the audacity to take to the streets to demand that amnesty.

From what I’ve seen, anti-Amnesty forces base their opposition to amnesty on jobs lost to Americans, driving the earnings of many Americans down by making available cheap labor for corporations, and the swelling of the welfare roles by these illegals. All opponents miss the most important factor of all, probably because they aren’t even aware of it.

Amnesty is Treason!!! A map and plan copyrighted and published in Philadelphia in 1942 showed the world as planned by the global elite. It was received by the Library of Congress in February of ’42 and entered its map collection in March. The detail and intricacies suggest that it was compiled or at least well underway before the Pearl Harbor attack.

The map and plan can be found here:
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What should be of particular interest to Americans, in fact, to all the peoples of the world, are the S.S.R.’s shown on the map. We were told Eastern Europe was ceded to the Soviets at Yalta by a “sick” Roosevelt. As shown here, it was already planned well in advance, not in Moscow, but in Philadelphia. Not all of the SSR’s were accomplished, but too many were and were held in bondage until needed to make the European Union a viable regional superstate.

Of even more significance to Americans is the “United States of America” as shown on the map. It encompasses all of North and Central America.  NAFTA and CAFTA were probably the first visible moves in that direction just as the Common Market was the first step toward the European Union. The next step was the meeting of the heads of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico (Bush, Martin, and Fox) to form a North American Union. Heavy exposure and opposition generated on the Internet forced them underground, but you can bet the plan is still in progress beneath the surface. You’ll find an excellent expose’ on the NAU from a Canadian political party copied and pasted here.

This is where treason enters the picture. The hoards of illegals from south of the border will create a fifth column that will ease the merger of the U.S. with Mexico and, eventually, Central America.

The issue is not the loss of jobs, nor cheap labor for corporations, nor the draining of welfare funds to support the illegals. The issue is the loss of our national sovereignty and what is left of the tattered remains of our Constitution. Those bringing this about would, in saner times, be considered traitors. They should be now.  AMNESTY IS TREASON!!!






These are some of the maps drawn up by the “Planners” who have been planning the elimination of our States, counties, townships, boroughs, and even our cities for nearly a century.

The first can be called, “The Crime of 1854.”  That’s what it was called in Philadelphia well into the last century and may still be called that in some sections.  In this instance, 13 townships, 6 boroughs, 9 districts, and one city were consolidated.  The people lost much of their representation.


I believe the same consolidating action reduced a number of independent boroughs into one metropolitan mess called New York City.  It might be an interesting project for those in or around other big cities to find out if similar consolidations and eliminations have taken place in those cities.

Not content with the piecemeal destruction of local government, the would be emperors of the planning empire created a plan to bring to an end our Constitutional system of Sovereign Republics.  This was the 1935 plan to consolidate our States into 9 Federal Regions and abolish States’ Rights.


No doubt this plan met stiff opposition at the time, so it slid into the cover of darkness.  When,in 1943, Governor Carr of Colorado said he had uncovered a government plan to set up “regional dictatorships,” government officials were quick to deny any knowledge of such a plan.

Like termites in the darkness of the woodwork, the “planners” continued work on their plan to undermine our country.  It re-emerged under Nixon in an Executive Order dividing the country into 10 Regions for federal administration.  Jimmy Carter set up ten Federal Regional “Councils” for these regions.

Again, the heat must have been on because Reagan issued an Executive Order rescinding the Nixon and Carter E.O.’s.

Don’t think for a moment the plan is dead.  This is too important to the powers behind the program.  While I knew this plan was paralleling the plan to regionalize  the world as a step to world government, I really didn’t fully understand.  With the plan for the North American Union emerging as a step toward unifying all of North America into one regional superstate, I realized that it would be difficult to merge the U.S., with 50 States and D.C., into Canada with, I believe, 10 provinces and 3 Territories.  Mexico with its 31 states and one federal district may be a problem, but I’m sure work is proceeding there to consolidate.  If anyone has any info on that, I’d appreciate hearing it.

Yet another parallel.  Not only are the States slated for destruction, even the townships, boroughs, and counties within the States are on the regional chopping block.  This is Pennsylvania’s plan, or maybe I should say, the power elite’s plan for Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Consolidation Plan

Pursuant to federal mandates to “modernize” State and local government, the governor’s Executive Directive 48 of 1972 divided Pennsylvania into ten sub-state regions.

Article IV of the U.S. Constitution requires the federal government to guarantee each State a “Republican Form of Government.”  It further provides that “no new States shall be formed or erected within the Jurisdiction of any other State, nor any State formed by the Junction of two or more States, or Parts of States, without the Consent of the Legislatures of the States concerned…”  The “Master Planners” care nothing about the Constitution.  They’ve long sought a “Philadelphia Metropolitan Regional Government that would incorporate parts of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.  So far they’ve managed to achieve elements of this in a “regional planning commission” known as PennJerDel.  It’s possible the State legislatures have approved of this, but if so, it would have taken place under the threat of lost “revenue sharing” funds.

PennJerDel–The Philadelphia Regional Planning District

The outline of the “planning” district is essentially that of a planned Philadelphia Metropolitan Government. It includes counties of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Of course, it is totally unconstitutional, but that usually doesn’t bother the planners.

Some references:

The above is a write up I did while fighting regionalism in Bucks County PA.  It references these maps.

Ed Balajeski started fighting Big Brother when he got out of the Marines after WWII and fought most of his adult life.  He was the protege’ of a Philadelphia woman, Helen Somers who fought Big Bro most of her adult life.  She was one of the original America First group.  Ed inherited much of his documentation from Helen and expanded greatly on that himself.  My blog is an introductory course.  Get your Masters and Doctorates on Regionalism at Ed’s site.  His Pennsylvania Crier newsletter files include information he received from colleagues in many parts of the country.  Keep in mind that there was no internet at the time.

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