A Comment Answered

This post is an answer to a comment made by “Strangers in Faith” in “New World Order – Death of America”

->There was No Hebrew Land before 1945! What is this nonsensical bigotry? This looks like someone is trying to fake History. <-Strangers

Thanks for the comment, Strangers. I’m glad you didn’t take the time to read my post carefully and examine the map. You’ve made a judgment error that others before you may have made but didn’t comment on. I’m glad because this gives me a chance to clarify a point or points that I never considered significant.

First of all, by no stretch of the imagination can this map be considered an attempt to “rewrite” history. It is clearly the design of powerful globalists to write our future. Other than Maurice Gomberg, the Philadelphia cartographer who published it, the map gives no indication of who was behind it. Many of us were aware of the map for decades before it was finally digitized by the Library of Congress early in this century. Most of us believe it was likely a World Federalist map with Carnegie funding.

Take a look at the copyright date. It’s 1942. A stamp seems to indicate it was received by the Library of Congress in February 1942 and another stamp says it was entered into the map collection in March. A map and plan as intricate as this could not have been put together overnight. A strong likelihood exists that it was compiled and possibly published before Pearl Harbor.

Had you not been so obsessed (bigoted?) regarding Hebrew Land (Israel), you might have also noted that there was no Polish S.S.R., Czechian S.S.R., etc. before 1945. There was also no “United States of Europe” until the recent formation of the EU, and until the North American Union reared its ugly head, there appeared to be no progress toward an all North America encompassing U.S.A.

There are also some things on the map that did not materialize. We are constantly being bombarded with propaganda telling us the Moslems are our enemies. We are told they hate us although most of the hatred seems to be emminating outward from the U.S. toward them. Certainly, if you look closely at the map you’ll see that neither Iran nor Afghanistan has any reason to love us. To the extent we supported this globalist scheme, we also supported turning the Iranians over to the Soviets, and the Afghanis were to be subjects of India.

Getting back to Hebrew Land. While your thinking was twisted, you may have accidently hit on some serious bigotry there. You might ask yourself why, with all the other countries of the world being grouped together in large, regional superstates, was Israel given such preferrential treatment. Why was that newly created country allowed to exist on its own? Indeed, why was it created? I have some ideas, but they are only speculation.

Who might likely be behind the creation of Israel. An obvious answer is the Zionists who were pushing for a Jewish homeland for at least most of the early part of the last century. There are people who believe the Zionists in America’s press were responsible for bringing America into WWI on the side of Britain. This they did for a promise of support for their goal of a Jewish homeland in Palestine. The ever duplicitous British government had promised Palestine as a homeland for Arabs and for Jews.

Now the Zionists have their “homeland,” but they aren’t satisfied and won’t be until their quest for “Greater Israel” is realized, and they don’t care how many American dollars and lives it takes to give it to them.

Another group that would have had an interest in creating Israel is British Israel. British Israel is a “religion” that claims the British English and the American English are among the lost tribes of Israel.

According to BI, God made a covenant with Jacob (Israel) which was passed to Ephraim and Manasseh who, as I understand it, were his grandsons through his son Joseph and Joseph’s Egyptian wife. It was they and their heirs that became the covenant people and not the descendents of Judah – the Jews. According to God’s promise, the descendents of Ephraim would become a “company” of nations (the British Empire) and those of Manasseh a great nation (the U.S.). It’s been a long time since I read “The United States and Britain in Prophecy,” but as I recall, the return of the “Jews,” (the tribes of Judah) was a requirement for fulfillment of B.I. Prophecy. Again, according to British Israel, it is the ten tribes of Israel who are the covenant people and not the three tribes of Judah.

The earliest mention I’ve seen of British Israel was in a biography of Washington published shortly after his death. In the appendix was a letter from the former governor of Massachusetts to George III assuring “His Majesty” that he still reigned supreme over his kingdom, British Israel. To me that has always meant, “Pay no attention to surface appearances. We’re still in charge here.” Some say we have never truly seceded from the Empire. That would explain why the England Firsters were so willing to disgorge American blood and money to defend that country in two WW’s.

The Israel-Judah connection might also explain the willingness of the Israel Firsters to shed American blood and wealth for modern Israel. To me England and Israel seem to be so intricately intertwined that I can’t tell which is the tail and which is the dog and who is wagging whom.

A third group that has an interest in Israel is the so-called “Fundamental Christians.” While I don’t think they’d risen to any level of significance at the time of the creation of the present day Israel, they make up a very vociferous segment of the Israel Firsters in America. They see the “return” of the Jews to Israel as a sign of the “End Times” and the return of “Christ” to set up an earthly kingdom. It’s that idea that has caused me to label them “Pharisaic Christians.” The Pharisees rejected Jesus as the Messiah because he said his kingdom was not of this world. He was promising a spiritual kingdom and they wanted an earthly one. Like the Zionists of today, they seemed to want to rule the known world.

It’s this that makes me suspect that the “fundamentalists” represent a tipping of the scale to favor Zionism over British Israel for world domination. “Fundamental Christianity,” or what is generally referred to as that, is a product of the Scofield Annotated Bible that has been used in the seminaries of many “fundamentalist” sects. Scofield was a convicted felon and family deserter who authored that “Bible.” He is said to have been closely associated with Samuel Untermyer and the New York Zionists.

So, if you want to call me a bigot, I happily accept the designation. I am extremely predjudiced against psychopathic egotist who want to rule the world and don’t give a damn what happens to the rest of humanity. I am predjudiced against them regardless of their race, color, creed, or national origin.