Obamacare Simplified
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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Obamacare Simplified – an Addendum to “Healthcare Obamanation”

Prior to writing “Healthcare Obamanation,” I spent many hours trying to make sense of it before concluding it couldn’t be done, that its meaning would have to be determined by the courts (after flesh was put on the bones). I may have erred. The Ohio Project was able to analyze it and create an easy to follow road map of the healthcare program created. A copy was printed in The Ohio Republic blog. Unfortunately, the link to the expandable version of the chart is no longer available, so I’m going to try to put it here

ObamaCare Simplified

Obamacare Made Simple

.Anyone who is confused by the legislation should take a close look at the map in order to get a clearer understanding.

(I’m going to come back to this to try to get a copy that will magnify more clearly.)

(Still trying without much success.)


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